Aging In Place

Would you like to stay in your home, but have found it inaccessible or unsafe as you age? We are here to help. With the appropriate modifications you can continue to live independently in your home. We offer a full range of home modification services and tailor the modifications to your specific needs.

Modifications for Disabilities

You may find your home inaccessible or unsafe due to a progressive disability, or a sudden debilitating injury. Making appropriate home modifications to eliminate barriers requires a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and a thorough understanding of your physical limitations. 

Mobility and Daily Living Aids

The addition of mobility and living aids will improve your home's safety and accessibility.


We offer a wide range of adaptive equipment from chair lifts and residential elevators, to high capacity ceiling mounted lifts for dependent transfers.


We have the expertise to recommend and install aids that are specific to your needs.



HomeAid is a full service consulting, design and project management firm founded on a single mission, to create a safe and functional home environment so our clients can continue to enjoy the comforts and security of living at home.


After all, there is no place like home, and with 40+ years of clinical experience as physical therapists we are uniquely qualified to identify and eliminate barriers that can make a home inaccessible or unsafe due to aging, a progressive disability, or a sudden debilitating event.


Making appropriate home modifications requires a comprehensive evaluation of both the home and the resident. Unlike most home modification companies that make cookie cutter recommendations, we evaluate the resident to enure the modifications we recommend meet their specific needs. Modifications will vary greatly depending on the resident. From installing minor adaptive equipment such as grab bars, to complete home remodeling for non-ambulatory clients, we are here to ensure your home is safe and accessible.

In addition to being physical therapists we are also Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) and have completed the Executive Certification in Home Modification (ECHM) from the University of Southern California's Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

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Knowlege Matters

Most aging in place services are offered by contractors, or construction companies with no specific knowlege of how aging or disability affects one's function and mobility within their home. Although they may consult with a physical therapist, their lack of specific knowledge often results in the recommendation of "cookie cutter" solutions that fail to fully meet the needs of thier clients. In other words, they make recommendations based on a set of guidelines instead of your unique needs. 


As phyiscal therapists, we have an indepth understanding of the functional limitations that accompany aging and disabilities, whether sudden or progressive. Therefore, we are able to recommend individualized home modifications that are truly specific to your needs. Our recommendations are based on your personal limitations, which will be determend by a comprehensive physical evaluation.


In addition to 40+ years of clinical experience as physical therapists, we are also Certified Aging In Place Specialists (CAPS) and have completed the Executive Certification in Home Modification from the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

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We will keep you informed throughout the process. From our initial visit, until the final walk through, you will be involved in the decision making.

Following the home evaluation, a written report detailing our findings and recommended solutions will be provided. The report will outline the benefit of each recommendation so you will fully understand why certain modifications or adaptive equipment is necessary to make your home both functional and safe. The report will also rank each modification according to urgency, which is very important if you are on a limited budget. The report will help you make sound decisions as to which modifications you want to make immediately, and which ones can wait. 


Once you've had a chance to review the report, we will meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Your peace of mind is extremely important to us and we will spend whatever time is necessary to fully answer all your questions and address any concerns. 

Once we have agreed on a plan, we will keep you involved in each and every step to ensure the modifications are meeting your expectations.

You're Informed


 Not Profit Driven

 Most home modification companies are profit driven. It's simple, the more modifications they make, the more money the company makes.This often leads to home modification recommendations which are driven by profit, not function.


We do things differently. Instead of focusing on profit, we focus on function. The modifications we recommended will be based on a single goal, to make your home safe and accessible so you can live independently in the comfort of your own home.  

We understand the importance of a budget and will work with you to ensure you get the modifications you need at a cost you can afford. We offer various financing options and will help you identifying grants, or other financial programs you may qualify for to assist with the costs of the modification.

We want to see you stay in your home and we are committed to helping you achieve that while staying within your budget.




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